It is no surprise that Ronnie Liadis is a top “ Specialist for Greece” as noted by Conde Nast Traveler since 2004. Ronnie’s Greek background stems from both her father’s family from Chios, one of the numerous Greek islands, and her mother’s family from the northwest corner of the mainland of Greece. With the Greek culture having been so much of her life it is no wonder that her love for the country is so strong. Travelers from all over the world have contacted her from Conde Nast to work on that memorable once in a lifetime vacation, a destination wedding, honeymoon or a multigenerational experience.

Ronnie’s love of her family heritage has taken her to the many isles and mainland of Greece several times a year since childhood. Exploring the villages, coastlines, archeological sites and so much more of Greece allows Ronnie’s clients to see all the facets of the country not only as a tourist but more as a member of the family. Conde Nast sees the value a specialist who knows and sees the country from the city of Athens to the remote isles of Greece as an insider. Liadis Travel’s and Ronnie’s relationship with Virtuoso and Conde Nast and her knowledge of this country enables her clients to experience and enjoy many of the hidden gems of Greece. Whether it be a private winery tour, a meal at a farmer’s table, a private sunset sail on a catamaran or private dinner overlooking the Acropolis, Ronnie adds that extra special touch to make your trip a lasting memory.

Please e-mail Ronnie and she will contact you to discuss your trip to beautiful Greece.

Some of the many wonderful islands and areas are: