Rhodes (Rodos) is the fourth largest of the Greek Isles and is located in the eastern Aegean Sea. It is a member of the Dodecanese island group and is not far from Turkey. The island is a country into itself and has been influenced over the centuries by settlements of the Italians, Spanish, French, and Egyptians.  The scars left by its turbulent and rich history have become its treasures. Knights, Turks, and Italians invaded the island and left objects of great beauty in the trail of devastation.  The island itself is beautiful and has the cleanest beaches in the Aegean. Its interior is home to many unspoiled mountain villages, fertile plains, and archaeological sites. 

Rhodes is best seen by driving around to view the many Greek Orthodox and Byzantine churches, numerous beaches, and country villages. Lindos, the prettiest town on the island, has its own acropolis towering over the village. Rodos Town is the largest city and the old part is surrounded by a wall built in the medieval times. There are at least 200 streets or lanes that simply have no name. Getting lost is the norm and a great opportunity to explore the many shops, tavernas, and castle-like buildings. The island is known for its unique honey, wonderful Rhodian wine, and handmade kilims and carpets.

Things to do:

  • Ride a donkey or climb to the Acropolis in Lindos

  • Stroll down the Street of Knights in Rhodes Old Town

  • Walk the 298 steps to the Panagía Tsambíka Monastery which overlooks Tsambika Bay, Rhodes finest beach

  • Take a day trip to Symi island, which takes an hour each way, and arrive at Gialos, offering one of the most impressive vistas in Greece