Famously known for being the birthplace of the Venus de Milo, this small island is the southwesternmost of the Cyclades. Geographical distance from the more touristed islands of Santorini and Mykonos gives Milos a sense of serenity and untouched natural beauty. The volcanic landscape is filled with 75 stunning beaches, multi-hued rock formations and stunning seaside caves. A significant portion of the island is off limits to cars, but the beautiful beaches in these regions can be reached by boat.

The island can be reached by air from Athens (three times a week) and takes about 45 minutes. If you prefer to travel by sea, daily ferries depart from Athens and can take anywhere from four to eight hours, depending on the route.  

Things to do:

  • Visit the Klima Rock Dwellings, a traditional fishing village

  • Learn about Milos’ rich mineral history at the Milos Mining Museum

  • Tour the Milos Catacombs

  • Wine tasting at Kostantakis, the island’s only commercial winery

  • Diving and snorkeling all around the island

Recommended places to stay: