The Peloponnese is the main region of a large peninsula (technically an island since the 1893 construction of the Corinth Canal) located in southern Greece. The other two regions are West Greece and Attica. It has been inhabited since prehistoric times and during the late Middle Ages and the Ottoman era, the peninsula was known as the Morea. This area retains its distance from the rest of Greece. Its often barren landscape is covered with wonderful archaeological remains. Among these remains are: Mycenae, the mountain citadel of Agamemnon; Olympia, the birthplace of the Olympic games; the magnificent and still used theater at Epidaurus; Sparta, home of Menelaus and Helen; and the Bena at Corinth where Paul addressed the Corinthians. The lovely seaside town of Nafplion provides a comfortable convenient base to explore these sights. 

The mountain and seaside roads of this area are unrivaled in the whole country.  There are wonderful sights such as the medieval city of Mistra, two impressive mountain ranges, and numerous villages hanging precipitously from the mountainsides. The best way to enjoy this area is to meander among the locals at seaside cafes, observe fisherman mending  their nets, and partake of the wonderful fresh food and wine.

Things to do:

  • Visit the ancient site of Mycenae, a UNESCO World Heritage site

  • See the ancient Theater of Epidaurus, one of the best-preserved Classical Greek structures in existence

  • Go to Monemvasia, a medevil village almost completely surrounded by the ocean

  • Stroll the promenade in the lovely seaside town of Nafplion with its venetian castles

  • Go to wine making region of Nemea where they have been making wine for 3,500 years

  • Visit Olympia, the sight of the first Olympic games

Recommended places to stay: